The Devils Workshop

The Devils Workshop

Globalism the True Nature of Evil

United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization 
by David Meiswinkle

Dear Friends,

The Devil’s Workshop, is alive and well in the United States and throughout the world.  We and our families are experiencing it’s global product everyday in terms of wars, economic inflation and depression, weird weather, strange diseases, deadly vaccines, distressing current events.

The National American Renaissance Movement has recently passed a motion declaring the globalist entities of the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization(WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) as terrorist organization that need to be withdrawn from and defunded by our government.  We have further called for Congress to initiate legislation declaring those who support these organizations as committing an act of treason. See:

It’s euphemistically called Globalism but it could easily be named Satanism or just plain Evil. They are preparing right now and have for some time, preparing us for ultimate slavery and their ascendancy as ultimate rulers of this planet, now and forever. Study the Agenda of the Council of Foreign Relations,(CFR), the Trilateral Commission, or the Bilderberg Group to confirm the plans of globalism and the creation of their institutions: the UN, WHO and WEF to help further their Agenda.

Large segments of the world’s population have been duped. If you do not see their Evil  you are most-likely plugged into their network of deception.  They control now most of the means of communication.  Through vast sums of money they have purchased loyalties in the media, education, unions, big business, military, medicine, entertainment etc.

Where is the deception?

Welcome to the disturbing world of intelligence plots, a Tavistock operation, the world’s center for mass brainwashing and social engineering activities.  You are not to feel good about yourself or the future.  You are supposed to feel frightened and beat-down and submissive and distressed and hopeless. You are under psychological attack and don’t know it.  You don’t see the weapons but you are stressed and feel something is not right.

You can be controlled easier in this state of mind of fear and guilt. In fact you are supposed to be ashamed of yourself because you are the cause of all the world’s problems. Right?  You feel guilty.  Right? So less freedom would be a palliative if it cured all these problems. Right?   You breathe too much, eat too much, travel too much, you mess the world up with your large carbon footprint as long as you don’t think too much.  Thinking is dangerous, so watch television….which is globalist programmed and controlled.

The real action is not Biden vs. Trump, nor Democrat vs. Republican.  That is the foreground like a professionally orchestrated wrestling bout.  They are kept front and center as distractions. Behind the scenes the globalists have recruited an army of individual traitors many of whom don’t realize that they are being played to betray their country, as they are only interested in selfishly benefitting themselves. Dr. Fauci is a perfect example of someone in the thralls of globalism. He has made his pact with Mephistopheles by promoting toxic medicines and vaccines as safe and effective for treating Covid-19 when he knew they were not, and smeared medicines which were extremely safe and effective like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. His actions cost the life’s and health of countless individuals.  The real War is Globalism vs. Humanity.

It’s not Democrat or  Republican.  Remember Democrats: Biden, Obama, Clinton and Carter were members of exclusive globalist organizations.  But so were George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior. They belong to the same club.  And as political satirist George Carlin said “You aint in it”

Their policies are to weaken the United States through costly and demoralizing wars and economic policies like sending our industrial and manufacturing might to other countries through agreements like NAFTA, including to perceived enemies.  Makes sense?  To lower our standard of living and sovereignty through massive accumulation of debt.  Makes sense?  Because we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights which gives us freedoms.  Makes sense?  Because they hate our freedom our Constitution and our Bill of Rights because it interferes with their plans for a total world take over.  Makes sense? They want to make us a poorer and more dependent country. Makes sense?  So we smoothly fit into their regionalized agenda of world control where the Nation state has been eliminated.  Makes sense?

Open the Borders to let the Sunshine in. Or to do what intelligence agencies do best, infiltrate, create division and dissension within the ranks. Many unfortunate and mislead people are lured by globalist pied pipers to the Texas border and co-mingled with them in disguise are undesirable elements like professional criminals, drug dealers, spies and globalist provocateur’s. Globalist and billionaire George Soros excels at planning and funding domestic disturbances and civil wars all over the world and in the United States. Trespassing national borders is his specialty.  Sure, let people break into your house, unvetted, sleep in your bed, raid your refrigerator, use your medical institutions for free, receive a stipend and free housing for illegal crossing and vote without being a citizen.  No problem. Unless you are trying to maintain a Nation. Of course we feel for the poor and downtrodden and are made to feel guilty for something we did not do. Splinter the population through open borders so the country is easier to control because the people are divided.

But the people can be helped and the world can be healed. End world wide poverty?  Easy.

Put the focus on the cause of poverty in the 21st century and do the right thing.

Distribute the billions and trillions of loot stolen from the people and the Nations of the world by the elite globalists, by their financial institutions, corporate conglomerates, pharmaceutical giants and monies hidden in their private accounts and off shore accounts and their benevolent non profit-tax free foundations geared to carry out their global schemes starting with the billions made from the heartache and breath taking fleecing and injuring of the world’s populations during their recent plandemic crimes. Punish those involved. Investigate, Indict, Convict.

What is that Agenda?  Look to the United Nations Agenda 21 and you will find a deceptively written, crafted document covering almost everything, which is to make people feel like they can make a difference for good by implementing this plan introduced at the Rio Earth Summit chaired by Canadian billionaire and Rockefeller colleague Maurice Strong.


The plan is a totalitarian blueprint to regionalize the country and eventually herd man into smart crowded cities where there exists no privacy and 24/7 surveillance.  Forget your car. It’s gone, only for the elite. Private property and the family are gone also. Taking a vacation out West.  According to their Agenda 21 plans the west is depopulated and filled now with wild animals.  Go West young man.  You can’t go West. They won’t let you off of the “reservation” or out of “prison”.  The State will be your daddy. Communitarianism will prevail, which is really Communism controlled by the Super-elite.

As World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab stated, “You will own nothing and You will be happy.”  What he is really saying is, “You will own nothing and We will be happy because we will own everything.” Spokes man Yuval Noah Harari echoed the globalist sentiment when he said, You are a hackable creature, a thing in commerce, in the internet of things.  Forget your freedom.  You have no soul and no rights.” therefore no dignity. You are nothing but an energy input. You are expendable and not needed. Nice guy.  I am sure he and his kind will think highly of us and our families when we surrender our freedoms and rights to their New World Order/Great Reset.

And then the World Health Organization wants the power to control your body and create vaccine passports to monitor you. Sovereignty and freedom of our body is gone. No privacy as you are a thing in commerce and owned by the new Global state. And we are administered compulsory toxic vaccines. without informed consent which makes us sickly.  So glad they care about us!

  • They have created the problems of climate change, pandemics and terror so they could propose the solution to resolve the fear they created in us and therefore control us. The solution always involves a draconian alternative policy: such as carbon tax, mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports, constant 24/7 surveillance , etc. which enfeebles us and empowers them.

  • Using global engineering they have weaponized weather by polluting the air with sub micron metals and filaments which they continually spray 24/7.   They call the spraying a reaction to climate change, instead of a ruse and total subversion, using the geoengineered chemtrails to attack our blood and immune system by creating a blanket of hazy clouds filled with toxic metals and filaments which also contaminates the food, water, animals and all of nature.

  • They have practiced illegal gain of function research creating virulent diseases and weaponized vaccines and created the Covid-19 nightmare where the vaccine is a bioweapon more deadly and injurious than the disease they spawned.

  • They have used secret advanced weapons funded by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and DARPA, like the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which are an array of large high powered radio frequency transmitters which can heat up the ionosphere and manipulate the jet stream and cause severe weather patterns including hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and floods.

  • They have created subterfuges and blamed weather problems on man when they use advanced directed  energy weapons to cause terrible fires and grab valuable property. including but not limited to fires in California and Maui.

  • Since 9/11 they have designated the people as enemy combatants and confiscated their privacy and freedom from illegal searches and seizure by illegally storing all of American’s e-mail communications, text messages, phone calls, and searches in the name of the” War on Terror”, a terrorism they have created.

  • They are obsessed with control and gathering data and all possible information on us and have built a massive intelligence storage center in Utah called the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center with estimated storage in the area of exabytes or larger.

  • They have weaponized parts of government, the media, the social platforms, the universities, the military etc. by getting their loyal globalists into power to carry out their Agenda.

  • They are preparing to implode economies and install Central Bank Digital Currency to replace the dollar so they will have complete control of our life’s. and turn our bank account off at their discretion.

We need to wake-up from our stupor and connect with our higher self.  Say a prayer for clarity and courage.  As a human species, to survive we will need clarity and courage.  Activate your third eye.  The seat of our soul, our vision and connection with the spiritual world, the universe and God.  God please help me.  Jesus please help us.

They must be stopped!   Their end-game is the introduction of transhumanism, the great Singularity where mankind will be merged with machines and eventually made extinct on behalf of a new race of biosynthetic robots controlled by artificial intelligence.

Many at first will say, what is he talking about.

What you don’t see won’t hurt you.  Right?  Very Wrong. These cretans operate best in the dark, behind the scenes but in plain view.  There are no rules or laws they must obey to achieve Global Conquest. They fight dirty all the time.  They fight to win, no matter what it takes.  They are cruel, ruthless and soulless but extremely intelligent. They will hurt you. They are killers.  They do not inhabit one particular Nation or homeland, they have infiltrated every Nation and its government and major corporations with their deceptive promises and their money. Money to cozy up, and tempt one little by little to sell their country out and the future of their children. Promises which are only made to further the agenda.  Promises in the future that will never be kept.

They bask in their arrogance  and power and call for the culling of the herd. They are depopulation enthusiasts. They claim continually that there are too many people on Earth. They reference mankind as a race of useless eaters. They blame everyone but themselves for the major problems in the world which they create.

We are in a spiritual war for the survival of our Species, “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” Ephesians  6:10-18.

Change your Vibration by changing your thoughts!

Disrupt the Devil’s Workshop through courage, integrity, dedication to humanity and love of justice and freedom. Earth is our home, our precious treasure, not theirs.

Brothers and Sister unite against a common foe! Route the enemy!  Elevate humanity!

Support the National American Renaissance Movement in it’s attempt to counter and defeat the plans of the Great Globalist Deceit.